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Tuesday 22nd May 2018

Puberty Articles


Gene error discovered that delays puberty

25th March 2014

UK scientists say they have found a faulty 'delayed puberty' gene.

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Link between osteoporosis risk and puberty age

1st February 2011

Research suggests puberty age may indicate whether or not you are likely to develop osteoporosis later on in life.

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Early puberty gene clue

22nd November 2010

A new study suggests at least 30 genes play a role in the age girls reach puberty.

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Puberty link to lower birth weight

7th December 2009

Smaller babies are more likley to start purberty early say researchers.

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Helping children understand puberty

29th April 2009

A surgery in Derbyshire runs special sessions to help children and parents understand more about puberty.

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Early puberty risk in obese children

5th March 2007

US study suggests girls who are overweight by aged three risk reaching puberty by aged nine.

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Children hit puberty earlier

19th October 2006

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