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Friday 22nd September 2017

Cholesterol Articles


New drug could prevent heart attacks

17th March 2017

Doctors say an innovative new drug cuts bad cholesterol.

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Cheap blood test for risk of heart attack

20th December 2016

A cheap blood test can predict whether healthy patients are at high risk of heart attack.

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Good cholesterol sometimes bad

11th March 2016

Research suggests good cholesterol is not always good.

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Cholesterol vaccine developed

11th November 2015

Cholesterol jab could end need for daily statins.

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New medication for high cholesterol

11th June 2015

A new class of medication that can lower cholesterol is on the horizon.

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Can we stop worrying about bacon?

28th May 2015

Doctors moving away from warnings about saturated fat and cholesterol.

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An avocado a day may keep cholesterol at bay

9th January 2015

A study shows avocados could help lower cholesterol in some people.

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Don't extend the use of statins

13th June 2014

Experts have urged officials to reconsider the plan to extend of the use of statins to an extra five million people.

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Statins may help MS sufferers

19th March 2014

UK researchers say statins could be useful in treating multiple sclerosis.

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Study finds statins have virtually no side-effects

13th March 2014

A major study has found people taking statins are very unlikely to suffer side-effects such as nausea and fatigue.

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