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Sunday 21st July 2019

New Technology Articles


Cancer wait pressure at Royal Devon

15th August 2013

New technology has created extra demand at Royal Devon and Exeter Foundation Trust and has caused the trust to miss cancer waiting targets.

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UK's GPs first for technology

16th November 2012

Study shows GPs in the UK more likely to use health information technology.

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Brain scanner to help paralysed people

2nd July 2012

A new brain scanner developed to help paralysed people speak using their thoughts to spell words.

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New technology to help children with diabetes

23rd March 2012

New device that plugs into computer can help children monitor their blood sugar levels.

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Japanese smartphone to measure radiation

27th September 2011

Japan's mobile phone giant reveals plans for a smartphone that can measure radiation.

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Third customer for Patientrack

26th September 2011

Western Sussex Hospitals NHS Trust has become the third to buy the mobile patient monitoring system.

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New device for taking blood pressure

21st February 2011

New blood pressure device is worn like a watch and could revolutionise monitoring.

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OCD treated with a 'pacemaker'

21st February 2011

Scientists say patients with OCD have been successfully treated with a 'pacemaker' inserted into the brain.

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Scottish mum gets NASA heart aid

15th February 2011

Heart pump made by NASA has saved a 27-year-old woman.

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Wireless sensors to monitor heart patients

10th February 2011

Experimental device may cut hospitalisation rate for heart failure patients.

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