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Wednesday 23rd May 2018

Traditional Chinese Medicine Articles


Can acupuncture boost the success of IVF?

31st January 2012

A new analysis of IVF research suggests acupuncture could help some women have babies.

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China to probe 'immortality' herb

17th January 2012

The government will fund research into a herb that has already helped normalise irregular heartbeat.

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Allergy symptoms reduced by Chinese herb

12th May 2011

A herb in Traditional Chinese Medicine has been proven to alleviate allergy symptoms.

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EU herbal law to hit Chinese clinics

3rd May 2011

The directive bans unlicensed herbal medicines, which could limit the reach of traditional Chinese medicine.

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Cancer-blocking herb taken off shelves

10th March 2011

Researchers discover herb used as remedy for rheumatoid arthritis can block cancer growth, but it's about to be removed from stores.

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Green tea good for the eyes

27th April 2010

A Hong Kong study shows the compounds from green tea may protect the eye against oxidation and even disease.

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Call for regulation of acupuncture

23rd March 2010

Doctors in Hong Kong call for tighter regulation of acupuncture, to help prevent infection.

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Papaya helps fight cancer

16th March 2010

Researchers say papaya leaf extract and its tea can help fight a broad range of tumours.

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China's herbal swine flu treatment

22nd December 2009

The government announces a remedy for A/H1N1 influenza, based on traditional herbal medicine.

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Chinese herb helps arthritis

18th August 2009

An anti-inflammatory herbal extract from traditional Chinese medicine helps sufferers.

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