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Monday 27th February 2017

Medication Articles


SMS to help people remember medication

8th December 2014

Researchers say a text messaging service would help people remember to take their pills and reduce medication waste.

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Doctors have 'ethical duty' to prevent NHS waste

6th November 2014

Reports says doctors have an ethical duty to prevent NHS waste, including better use of medication.

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What medication is right in advanced dementia?

15th October 2014

Study of what is appropriate medication for advanced dementia.

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Let elderly die naturally

27th February 2014

A health expert warns the elderly feel obliged to take medication when many just want to die naturally.

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People with severe mental health problems 'miss out'

3rd December 2012

Researchers say many with severe mental health problems are not receiving the proper care.

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Warning over mixing grapefruit with pills

27th November 2012

Grapefruit can cause overdoses of some medications, warn doctors.

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Heart patients make medication errors

5th July 2012

A new study suggests half of all heart patients made at least one medication mistake after leaving hospital.

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WHO warns antibiotics now in crisis

13th March 2012

WHO warns of a global crisis in antibiotics.

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'Smart' pill tells patient when next dose is due

17th January 2012

It has been announced that the new 'smart' pill will go on sale in Britain within months.

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Care home residents exposed to medication errors

13th January 2012

Research suggests half of care home residents are exposed to mistakes in their medication.

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