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Wednesday 21st August 2019

Fertility Articles


Too much coffee can reduce a man's fertility

20th October 2014

A study finds too much coffee can reduce a man's ability to father children.

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CCG to restrict fertility services

21st July 2014

Mid Essex CCG is considering restricting access to fertility services to help stop falling further into the red.

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Wrong sperm used at fertility clinic

8th July 2014

A report says a fertility clinic used the wrong sperm and warns of too many mistakes being made.

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IVF postcode lottery to end

15th May 2014

NICE says the NHS is denying too many couples access to fertility treatments.

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Too much TV linked to low sperm count

5th February 2013

Men who exercise more have higher quality sperm than couch potatoes, a new study finds.

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Men who have lots of brothers are more fertile

19th December 2012

A study has found men who have mostly brothers are more fertile.

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Childlessness linked to early death

7th December 2012

Involuntary childlessness may increase the likelihood of early death.

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Self-test kit warning issued

21st November 2012

The MHRA has issued a warning over self-test and self-diagnosis kits.

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Mum's menopause could predict fertility

7th November 2012

Researchers say mum's early menopause can effect your fertility.

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Freezing embryos debate

4th September 2012

Fertility doctors call for debate on whether embryos should be frozen before IVF.

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