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Thursday 23rd November 2017

Funding Articles


NHS needs an extra £4bn

3rd November 2017

NHS Confederation warns the NHS needs a minimum of £4bn just to sustain day to say services.

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DH commits funding to nurse training

9th August 2017

The DH has told HSJ that ministers have committed a minimum £16m additional funding for new clinical placements.

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Funding for trusts to buy IT

2nd August 2017

NHS England reveal funding to deploy new IT systems to the rest of the NHS.

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Extra investment given to mental health trusts

6th July 2017

Several community and mental health trusts have received significant extra investment funding.

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NHS should tackle waste before asking for extra funding

28th June 2017

NHS will only survive if it addresses unwarranted variation says surgeon leading national programme in the NHS.

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Regime governing additional funding to NHS is 'lunacy'

16th June 2017

Sir Peter Dixon describes the distribution of £1.8bn fund as 'economic lunacy and grossly unfair'.

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Trusts need millions in additional funding

12th June 2017

Trusts need extra funding linked to dissolution of Mid Staffs.

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Continuing healthcare improvement programme focused on cutting funding

19th April 2017

Charities express concern that healthcare improvement programme is focused on cutting funding.

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Mental health spend being reduced in some regions

9th March 2017

HSJ reveals four sustainability and transformation plan regions failed to raise mental health spending.

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Autism studies receives funding

7th March 2017

A US philanthropic foundation has given funding to Edinburgh University researchers hoping to develop new treatments for autism.

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