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Wednesday 21st August 2019

Genetic Articles


New test for child cancer

31st March 2016

New genetic test for child cancer patients being developed by UK scientists.

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British baby receives genetically modified immune cells

6th November 2015

British baby becomes first in the world to be given genetically-edited immune cells and is now cancer free.

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More screening for newborn babies

5th January 2015

Newborn babies to be screened for more debilitating genetic diseases across England.

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Discovery made that could prevent sudden cardiac death

1st August 2014

Scientists discover genetic fault that causes sudden cardiac death.

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Genetic signature linked to leukaemia found

14th January 2014

Scientists have found a genetic signature linked to childhood leukaemia.

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New proof that genetics affect intelligence

19th December 2013

Exam grades are more to do with nature not nuture.

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Silver Line Service for elderly launched

25th November 2013

Esther Rantzen launches new helpline for pensioners.

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Genetic mutation linked to cold sores

19th September 2013

A new study finds a gene mutation causes frequent cold sores.

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Genetic research into asthma

28th June 2013

A study in The Lancet says genetic risk research into asthma could lead to test which predicts which children will not grow out of it.

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Human sensitivity to radiation

15th March 2013

Report shows exposure to radiation varies among people due to lifestyle and genetic factors.

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