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Friday 25th May 2018

Trial Articles


Wearable monitors trial at Spire hospital

7th August 2014

A private hospital, owned by Spire Healthcare, has become first to deploy wearable monitors for patients.

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iSoft trial abandoned

23rd July 2013

The FCA will not pursue a third trial against three former directors of iSoft.

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Devastating brain conditions could be treated by one pill

25th July 2012

Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, strokes and MS are amongst the conditions which could be treated by the drug, which is currently being trialed.

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Alzheimer's drug trial to begin

25th November 2009

A ground-breaking, year long clinical trial to begin at Glasgow Memory Clinic.

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Africans not helped by HIV lab tests

21st July 2009

The results of the largest HIV/AIDS clinical trial ever done are to be announced at an international conference in South Africa.

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Patients wanted for TB drug trial

12th November 2007

The TB Alliance plans to enrol 2,400 patients in the next 18 months to test tuberculosis drug.

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China and India join trial register

26th July 2007

WHO expansion of its clinical trial registry platform will include China and India

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Spine to be used to find drug trial patients

19th February 2007

The NHS database, Spine, is to be used to find willing drug test subjects.

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The 'Elephant Man' disaster

2nd January 2007

Man left critically ill after drugs trail went wrong lives in unending agony.

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Gaddafi backs AIDS trial outcome

2nd January 2007

Five Bulgarian nurses and a Palestinian doctor are sentenced to death, and will appeal.

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