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Wednesday 23rd May 2018

Elephantiasis Articles


DNA 'barcodes' for elephantiasis

5th May 2009

Scientists say DNA 'barcodes' could help prevent spread of lymphatic filariasis.

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Elephantiasis drug breakthrough

15th September 2008

Researchers heralded 'probably the biggest breakthrough in tropical medicine in 25 years'.

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Antibiotic for filariasis: study

28th April 2008

Indonesian researchers say doxycycline is effective against nematode worms.

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Funding for neglected diseases

11th February 2008

Programme to recruit talented African scientists to receive funding to carry out research.

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Gene secrets of elephantiasis

24th September 2007

Scientists unravel genetic blueprint of parasite that causes elephantiasis.

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Focus on neglected diseases

29th October 2006

Programme targets river blindness, elephantiasis, schistosomiasis and helminthiasis.

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