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Tuesday 26th September 2017

Salt Articles


Call to reduce salt in processed foods

25th July 2016

The FDA renew call to cut salt in processed foods to reduce Americans' high intake.

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Mars say consume their pasta sauces once a week

15th April 2016

Mars Food to label some of its Dolmio sauces as fit for consumption once a week due to high salt content.

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Average salt consumption down

23rd March 2016

Figures reveal adults have cut average salt consumption, but it's still above recommended average.

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Sugar could be worse than salt

11th December 2014

Scientists clash over whether sugar is worse than salt for blood pressure.

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Dietary salt intake linked to drop in CVD deaths

16th April 2014

BMJ Open has published research saying 15% fall in salt intake in England over the past decade is likely to have had a role in 40% drop in CVD deaths.

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Children's diets too salty

11th March 2014

Research suggests children in the UK are eating too much salt.

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Americans still consume too much salt

20th December 2013

US health officials say salt intake in the US hasn't changed much in the last decade.

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Americans should eat less salt

15th May 2013

New report says most Americans need to eat less salt, but too little salt could cause problems for some.

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Government drive to help cut salt consumption by a quarter

12th March 2013

CASH strongly supports government’s new commitment to help cut salt intake, but calls for the government to consider legislation to ensure the cooperation of the whole of the food industry.

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Hidden salt in restaurant meals

11th March 2013

Survey finds hidden salt in popular restaurant meals.

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