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Monday 28th May 2018

Liver Articles


Liver op patients call helpline

12th December 2013

More than 40 calls have been made to liver helpline after surgeon is suspended over "avoidable" deaths.

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Cheap, paper-based test for liver damage

20th November 2012

The test will show doctors whether a patient's liver has been damaged, and help them to adjust treatment and medications.

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Vitamin E lowers risk of liver cancer

20th July 2012

Researcher suggests vitamin E may lower the risk of liver cancer.

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LED lights to treat jaundice

21st February 2012

Two devices are to be rolled out later this year to treat newborn babies with jaundice.

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Photo saved baby's life

20th February 2012

Photograph showed baby's yellow skin.

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Man, 26, needs new liver

10th January 2012

Man aged 26, who started drinking at 10, needs a liver transplant.

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Live liver donors can face problems

7th November 2011

German researchers say donors may suffer from a range of physical and psychological problems.

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'Live' donor transplant for baby

15th August 2011

One-month-old baby recovering after liver transplant.

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Painkillers need clearer warnings

5th May 2011

Nearly 20,000 Americans a year are being hospitalised for liver damage after accidentally overdosing on paracetamol.

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Aspartame causes cancer

16th December 2010

Research says aspartame sweetener causes liver and lung cancer.

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