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Saturday 26th May 2018

Energy Articles


What might be draining your energy?

15th September 2015

Things that might be draining your energy without your even knowing it.

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Familes cut back on food because of energy bills

21st February 2012

Report by Barnardo's shows 90% of their services have supported families with debts owed to their energy suppliers.

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Lack of sunlight affects wellbeing

14th November 2011

Lack of light can have a serious impact on our energy levels.

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Stop promoting energy drinks

21st September 2011

Alcohol Concern Cymru calls for pubs to end their promotion of energy drinks as mixers for spirits.

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Children and teens should avoid energy drinks

1st June 2011

Due to high levels of caffeine, children and teenagers should not have energy drinks.

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What does an energy drink contain?

16th December 2010

A short index of what is contained in an energy drink.

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Could lighting be harvested as energy?

27th August 2010

Researchers say they are one step closer to harnessing power that causes lightning.

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Growth treatment for infants

28th July 2010

Abbott launch prescription only treatment.

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Major carbon cuts for trusts across England

6th November 2009

Trusts across England aim to cut energy bills by £1.1m a year and reduce carbon emissions by 8,100 tonnes.

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Can hi-tech improve lifestyle?

27th May 2009

A three year project will see how people react to data fed back to them about energy used and activity levels using Facebook and mobiles.

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