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Sunday 27th May 2018

Stem Articles


Pioneering op performed by heart surgeon

28th September 2009

An Oxford heart surgeon has performed a groundbreaking procedure using artificial heart and stem cells.

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Brain injury repair gel hope

4th September 2009

Researchers say an injectable hydrogel could aid brain injury recovery.

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Stem cells without destroying embryos

5th December 2007

Is there a way to make human embryonic stem cells without offending moral campaigners?

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Child cancer stem cell find

9th November 2007

Stem cell found in dogs could lead to new treatments for bone cancer in children say scientists.

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Vibration could help fight fat

25th October 2007

A study suggests vibration could influence stem cells to become muscle or bone cells instead of fat.

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Nerves from stem cells

22nd October 2007

Researchers say new nerves grown from stem cells from patients' fat could be available by 2011.

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Stem cells 'link' to cancer spread

4th October 2007

US scientists say stem cells may trigger dangerous changes in cancer cells allowing them to spread.

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MS patients stem cells trial

27th September 2007

Bristol to pioneer a new treatment for multiple sclerosis patients.

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Stem cells from testicles

24th September 2007

US scientists show testicles may be a source of stem cells to help men fight serious diseases.

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Stem cell boost

19th September 2007

A new method developed by scientists of growing stem cells in conditions similar to human body.

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