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Friday 23rd June 2017

Vaccinations Articles


Help researchers by catching whooping cough

15th June 2017

Researchers offering up to £3,526 to people willing to catch whooping cough to help make better vaccine.

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Global health funding for malaria

18th November 2016

WHO have confirmed the world's first malaria vaccine will be rolled out in pilot project.

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Students urged to get meningitis W vaccine

17th August 2016

Public Health England have urged young people starting university or college this autumn to get vaccine against meningitis.

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Early promise for Zika vaccine

5th August 2016

Scientists have found three different ways of designing a vaccine to protect against the Zika virus.

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Outbreak of measles in London

29th April 2016

Parents are being urged to vaccinate against MMR.

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Countries switch to new polio vaccine

18th April 2016

Countries have begun switching to a new polio vaccine in 'milestone' towards eradicating the disease.

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Meningitis B jab will not be offered to all children

3rd March 2016

Despite petition calling for vaccine to be offered to all children, the UK government says it is not cost effective and would waste NHS money.

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Call for roll out of meningitis B jab

22nd February 2016

Petition signed by more than half a million people calling for roll out of meningitis B jab to all children.

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Boy wins swine flu damages

4th February 2016

A young boy from Frome has won £120k in damages after swine flu jab causes narcolepsy.

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Ebola vaccine announced

21st January 2016

A $5m (£3.5m) deal for an Ebola vaccine has been signed to protect against future outbreaks.

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