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Wednesday 24th July 2019

Autoimmune Articles


Gardasil genetic fingerprints found

14th November 2012

Evidence shows viral components in Gardasil can lead to severe autoimmune disorders and even death.

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Pig worms to treat autoimmune diseases

4th September 2012

Coronado Biosciences Inc are developing a new class of treatments for autoimmune conditions.

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Immune cell study improves understanding of autoimmune disease

21st September 2011

A US study improves understanding of mechanisms that help body's immune system fight harmful pathogens.

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Autoimmune funding awarded to scientists

24th August 2011

Scientists in Cambridge and London have been awarded funding for study into autoimmune disease.

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£1 million charity funding for Birmingham clinical trial into severe Sjögren’s syndrome

24th January 2011

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