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Wednesday 17th July 2019

Transplants Articles


Over 50,000 alive thanks to organ transplants

11th July 2017

New NHS data suggests more than 50,000 people in the UK are alive due to organ transplants.

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Germany in organ donor scandal

8th January 2013

Investigation in east Germany over allegations that doctors manipulated an organ waiting list.

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China vows to ban organ harvesting

5th November 2012

Beijing says it will roll out a nationwide donor scheme early next year and phase out the use of organs from executed prisoners.

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Uterus transplant a 'success' in Sweden

18th September 2012

Doctors in Sweden have performed two uterine transplants in a bid to allow two women in their 30s to bear children.

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Transplant surgeons' breakthrough

4th April 2012

Machine that keeps blood pumping around stomach of dead donors has saved organs which would normally be discarded.

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Live liver donors can face problems

7th November 2011

German researchers say donors may suffer from a range of physical and psychological problems.

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Artificial blood available in the next decade

27th October 2011

Researchers claim artificial blood produced from stem cells could be used in the next decade.

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Transplants from animals 'coming soon'

21st October 2011

Pigs are the best source of organs.

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Artificial blood vessels in 3D

19th September 2011

3D printing could soon be used for transplants of lab-created organs.

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£4 million investment in NHS stem cell services will save lives

14th July 2011

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