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Wednesday 20th June 2018

Israel Articles


Enemas deadly in elderly patients

28th February 2012

An Israeli research team finds that sodium phosphate enemas prove to be a false friend in cases of constipation.

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'Toxic sugar bait' to help control malaria

5th April 2011

Scientists say extracts from melon and guava can make an irresistible, but fatal, trap for mosquitoes.

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Fish oils reduce chances of Alzheimer's

21st February 2011

Diet and environment affect Alzheimer's risk differently depending on which genes we carry.

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Low fat diets help heart

2nd March 2010

Israeli researchers say low-fat and low-carb diets can help reverse blocked arteries.

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Gaza hospital fuel 'running out'

7th January 2009

Power failed during Israeli bombardment Friday, and back-up generators power intensive care beds.

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Positive thinking and cancer

2nd September 2008

Israeli researchers say a positive attitude could protect against cancer.

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Call for Gaza patients' safety

10th July 2007

Hospitals work in fear of gunmen, equipment runs out, and patients need transfers to Israel.

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Israeli Arabs screen less than Jews

10th November 2006

Economic disparity may explain gaps in care.

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