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Wednesday 20th June 2018

Diagnosis Articles


GPs unfairly blamed for late cancer diagnosis

11th December 2014

GPs should not be blamed for delays in cancer diagnosis, say researchers.

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Cancers diagnosed too late

24th September 2014

Analysis commissioned by Cancer Research UK finds almost half of cancers in England are diagnosed at an advanced stage.

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Dementia sufferers not getting support

2nd July 2014

Charity warns dementia patients are not given enough guidance and support following diagnosis.

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One in three try to diagnose online

18th January 2013

A survey shows around a third of US adults look to the internet first for help with a medical problem.

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Asperger's syndrome edited away

4th December 2012

The latest version of the US handbook for mental disorders adds a number of new diagnoses.

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Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment: A 2021 Projection

19th December 2011

In this report, Bupa estimates the cost of cancer diagnosis and treatment will rise from £9.4bn in 2010 to £15.3bn by 2021 - an increase of £5.9bn.

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Increase in number of autism diagnoses

17th August 2010

Researchers have claimed the way the condition is diagnosed is the main cause for the increase.

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Test to predict Alzheimer's

10th August 2010

A spinal fluid test can be 100% accurate in identifying patients who are on their way to developing Alzheimer's.

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UK news 16/4/10

16th April 2010

A round up of UK health news over past week.

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Internet sourced diagnosis often unreliable

12th April 2010

UK researchers find only 200 out of 500 sites offer 'correct information'.

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