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Saturday 20th July 2019

Paracetamol Articles


Children's behavioural issues may be linked to common painkiller

16th August 2016

Research find paracetamol taken during pregnancy can lead to heightened risk or behavioural problems.

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Meningitis jab, fever warning

28th August 2015

New meningitis B campaign is underway, and parents are being warned about a fever linked to the jab.

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Paracetamol in pregnancy should be limited

21st May 2015

A study in mice suggests pregnant women should limit taking paracetamol.

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Paracetamol ineffective against back pain

1st April 2015

Review, published in the British Medical Journal, finds paracetamol does not help back pain or arthritis.

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Paracetamol should come with health warnings

3rd March 2015

Scientists say people taking paracetamol for a long period should be warned of possible side effects.

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Research shows asthma unlikely to be linked to paracetamol

27th November 2014

Research shows there is no need to alter policy on paracetamol use in pregnancy and early childhood.

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Paracetamol 'no good' for back pain

24th July 2014

Research suggests paracetamol no better than placebo for lower back pain.

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Fall in paracetamol overdoses

8th February 2013

A study suggests since law change on pack sizes, overdose deaths by paracetamol have fell by 43%.

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Nurses more likely to recommend paracetamol

5th October 2012

Survey finds nurses are seven times more likely to prescribe paracetamol than ibuprofen for paediatric pain.

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Paracetamol killed young mum

12th March 2012

Young mum took too many paracetamol.

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