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Wednesday 20th June 2018

Indigenous Articles


Botswana to protect indigenous traditions

30th August 2011

Herbal medicines, farming practices, religious and cultural traditions will receive protection under new laws.

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Aborigines have more pneumonia

18th May 2010

Children of indigenous families have similar infection rates to those of Gambia.

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Aborigines 'tragic' health

11th November 2009

Figures show Aborigines can expect to die up to 11.5 years earlier than other Australians.

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Eskimos get swine flu vaccine

10th November 2009

The 130-strong community is one of the remotest locations in the United States.

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Navajo balk at cancer screening

22nd September 2008

Traditional healers are often preferred: cancer is not easily discussed.

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Aborigines died of hopelessness

25th February 2008

Coroner publishes results of investigation into 22 suicides in a Western Australian town.

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Aboriginal children get STDs

21st December 2007

New figures show high rates of sexual infection among Aboriginal children.

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Call for indigenous health rights

26th November 2007

Indigenous health experts call for an end to marginalisation worldwide.

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Book highlights Aboriginal care

8th February 2007

Indigenous Australian healthworkers face legacy of oppression, study says.

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Indigenous peoples in danger

13th November 2006

Diabetes could wipe out populations if no measures are taken.

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