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Monday 21st August 2017

Oral Articles


Big rise in oral cancer cases

22nd October 2013

Figures reveal a 12% rise of oral cancer in 2011.

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Oral cancer on the rise

19th March 2012

Figures show an increase in oral cancer, particularly in men.

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Oestrogen 'may fuel oral cancer'

4th January 2011

A US team says oestrogen could be fuelling head and neck cancers in young women.

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Why intensive lupus treatment is more effective

28th July 2010

A study shows why intensive treatment is more effective than oral treatments.

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Poor oral health linked to dementia risk

17th November 2009

Scientists say adults who take good care of their teeth could lower risk of dementia.

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Pill to stop periods safe?

31st August 2007

New pill first oral contraceptive designed to be taken 365 days a year with no pill free intervals.

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Oral cancer rise warning

14th November 2006

Dentists warn of link to excessive drinking.

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