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Thursday 19th April 2018

Insurance Articles


Insurance for cosmetic surgery plans

20th January 2012

Insurance scheme should be introduced for cosmetic surgery patients.

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Patients exaggerate injuries for insurance purposes

10th December 2010

A survey has found nine in 10 GPs believe patients exaggerate injuries for the sake of insurance claims.

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UK news 10/12/10

10th December 2010

A round up of UK health news over the past week.

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Californians don't have health insurance

18th March 2010

New report says nearly one in four under the age of 65 in California do not have health insurance.

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Insurers can damage your mental health

14th December 2009

Chiara Cavaglieri reports a history of conditions such as depression can affect your chances of insurance.

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Care insurance for older people

14th July 2009

Ministers propose that older people take out insurance to pay for care.

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Reform says 'reform the NHS'

9th September 2008

Plans from Reform would see everyone given a £2,000 'voucher' each year.

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No need to fear the results of DNA testing

19th June 2008

Mark Henderson comments in The Times.

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People in UK lie about health

8th January 2008

Survey finds 15% of people with health insurance say they may not have been truthful when applying.

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Many in US lack health insurance

21st September 2007

A survey finds that more than one-third of US population under 65 lacked health insurance.

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