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Friday 25th May 2018

Denmark Articles


Listeria deaths linked to meat

13th August 2014

Denmark officials say 12 listeria deaths linked to contaminated sausage.

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Potential link between prenatal steroid hormones and autism

3rd June 2014

Prenatal steroid hormones could be a reason to explain why some children develop autism, says study.

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Lifestyle changes reduces miscarriage risk

19th February 2014

Research in Denmark suggests some first-time miscarriages could be prevented by making lifestyle changes.

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Childlessness linked to early death

7th December 2012

Involuntary childlessness may increase the likelihood of early death.

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Flu in pregnancy linked to infant autism

13th November 2012

Researchers in Denmark say there is an increased risk of autism for infants whose mothers had influenza while pregnant.

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Denmark sperm donor law tightened

26th September 2012

One donor is found to have passed on a rare genetic condition to at least 5 of the 43 babies he is thought to have fathered.

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Dogs boost babies' immunity

10th July 2012

Babies who have limited contact with dogs suffer fewer health problems in the first year of life.

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Denmark bans Marmite

25th May 2011

Denmark says added vitamins and minerals break their food safety laws.

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Traffic noise raises risk of stroke

1st February 2011

Study finds the risk of stroke rises in older people as traffic noise rises.

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Organic produce 'no better for health'

8th November 2010

A study shows organic vegetables are no healthier than those traditionally grown.

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