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Monday 26th August 2019

Ocd Articles


Can OCD be cured?

9th January 2018

Woman says husband is 'transformed' after therapy called transcranial magnetic stimulation.

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Obsessive Compulsive Disorder: Current Science and Clinical Practice

20th July 2012

A clear summary of what is known about a highly prevalent and debilitating disorder that affects nearly as many people as does asthma.

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MPs talk of mental health issues

15th June 2012

Two MPs have spoken about their mental health problems.

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iPhone to treat OCD

27th June 2011

The iPhone has proved useful for a woman's daughter who lives with the condition.

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SLaM finds link between OCD and eating disorders in teenagers

7th June 2011

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OCD treated with a 'pacemaker'

21st February 2011

Scientists say patients with OCD have been successfully treated with a 'pacemaker' inserted into the brain.

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