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Saturday 26th May 2018

Resuscitation Articles


CPR taught in schools

20th December 2013

Pupils being taught life-saving resuscitation skills.

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Life-saving skills should be taught in schools

16th May 2011

BHF calls on the government to teach CPR to school children.

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'Kiss of life' warning

18th October 2010

Medics warn people not to attempt kiss of life unless they have been fully trained.

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Chest compression more effective in CPR

15th October 2010

A report published in The Lancet says to concentrate on chest compressions during CPR rather than mouth-to-mouth.

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UK news 15/10/10

15th October 2010

A round up of UK health news over past week.

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Heart attack victims benefit from CPR

7th October 2010

New US research says chest compressions can improve patient outcomes.

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Missing equipment puts newborns at risk

28th April 2010

NHS watchdog warns newborns put at risk through hospital errors and lack of equipment.

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Acute Cardiac Care: A Practical Guide for Nurses

5th October 2009

Acute Cardiac Care provides nurses with a comprehensive understanding of the current practice and principles underlying the care and management of acute cardiac conditions.

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Practical Resuscitation for Healthcare Professionals (Paperback)

20th April 2009

Practical Resuscitation for Healthcare Professionals is a beginner′s guide to practical resuscitation which enables students and newly qualified staff to develop key resuscitation knowledge and skills

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Nurses to resuscitate

29th October 2007

New guidelines will allow experienced nurses as well as doctors decide on resuscitation.

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