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Monday 28th May 2018

Mental Articles


Mental health services need to be more efficient

2nd December 2010

Millions could be saved if mental health services were run more efficiently in England.

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Markers for mental illness found?

5th December 2007

Researchers discover natural difference that may help predict effective antipsychotic drugs.

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Cash for child mental health

14th November 2007

Child mental health to get over £30m to help prevent young being treated in adult wards.

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Mentally ill need help not prison

24th October 2007

A report says too many people with mental health problems end up in prison when they need help.

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Charities need funding

14th September 2007

Mental health charities need more funding.

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Mental health patients neglected

4th September 2007

New research suggests mentally ill are neglected globally.

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Mental health units axed

4th September 2007

Inpatient services at three mental health units for elderly people in Gloucestershire to be axed.

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Mental health services improve

3rd September 2007

A survey says community mental health services improving but progress still to be made.

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Overhaul for mental health law

16th August 2007

New report says laws to help people with mental health and learning problems should be overhauled.

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'Poor' elderly mental health care

13th August 2007

An independent panel warns services for the elderly with mental health problems are poor.

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