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Sunday 20th May 2018

Intellectual Property Articles


Novartis in India patent battle

20th August 2012

The stakes are high for cheap generic drug supplies as the Indian patent office faces off with Novartis.

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India ends Bayer cancer drug monopoly

19th March 2012

The Patent Office rules to allow the manufacture of a generic cancer drug.

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Royalty-free scheme for 'poor' diseases

1st November 2011

UN partnership to speed up the development of drugs for diseases suffered by the world's poorest people.

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Indigenous groups cut out of talks

31st May 2011

Talks on a draft agreement to protect traditional knowledge, including medicine, went ahead without their input.

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Human gene patent overturned

30th March 2010

Court overrules patent on human genes used in tests for breast and ovarian cancers.

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China plans patent reforms

27th June 2008

Beijing rolls out a strategy aimed at boosting innovation and protecting traditional knowledge.

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Big pharma more ethical in Europe

20th June 2008

European drug companies come out top of a new ethical investment index.

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Patents 'need radical change'

12th May 2008

Group calls for changes in the way research and development is funded to help poorer countries.

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India's patent debate

4th April 2008

Parliament to debate a bill which would allow researchers to keep own patents.

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Thailand's licensing policy wavers

25th March 2008

Doctors petition to get the new health minister removed by parliament.

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