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Saturday 20th July 2019

Saturated Fat Articles


Can we stop worrying about bacon?

28th May 2015

Doctors moving away from warnings about saturated fat and cholesterol.

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Advice on saturated fat 'unclear'

18th March 2014

The British Heart Foundation say swapping from butter to sunflower spread may not lower heart risk.

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Chef meals 'less healthy' than ready meals

18th December 2012

Researchers say TV chefs' recipes are less healthy than supermarket ready meals.

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Olive oil boosts the ageing brain

22nd May 2012

US researchers say women over 65 who eat the most saturated fats have older brains than those who eat more fats like olive oil.

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Heart attack risk not increased by dairy

20th May 2011

Scientists have found dairy products do not increase risk of a heart attack, and the nutrients in them counteract the harmful effects.

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Chefs to learn how to cook healthily

4th February 2011

Chefs are to go back to school to learn healthy cooking.

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