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Sunday 24th September 2017

Overweight Articles


One in 10 children overweight

11th October 2016

Study suggests more than one in 10 primary school children are overweight or obese.

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Being overweight ages brain

5th August 2016

Study finds being overweight ages brain by 10 years.

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Many pregnant women overweight

3rd March 2016

Figures show half of new mothers are too big at the start of pregnancy.

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By 2025 two thirds of Britons will be obese

12th October 2015

New figures show 36 million Britons will be overweight or obese by 2025.

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Daily dose of vitamin C can reduce heart risk

8th September 2015

Scientists find taking a daily dose of vitamin C can help ward off vascular disease in people who are overweight.

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Regular sugary drinks increases risk of diabetes

22nd July 2015

Researchers say regular sugary drinks whether overweight or slim increases chance of developing type 2 diabetes.

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Bowel cancer linked to childhood obesity

26th May 2015

Research suggests being overweight in adolescence is linked to greater risk of bowel cancer later in life.

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Dementia risk reduced if overweight

10th April 2015

Research finds being overweight cuts the risk of developing dementia.

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Obesity not being treated properly

14th January 2015

Research finds GPs are failing to treat overweight and obese patients properly.

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'Feel fuller' food ingredient created

11th December 2014

Scientists develop an ingredient to make foods more filling which might help overweight people.

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