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Saturday 21st September 2019

Welsh Articles


Welsh NHS needs to tackle 'shortfalls'

27th September 2016

An annual audit has concluded the Welsh NHS needs to tackle 'shortfalls' in care being provided for sick and premature babies.

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Down's syndrome test availability criticised

15th July 2014

Test for Down's syndrome is still not available across the Welsh NHS despite guidelines issued six years ago saying it should be.

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20% of NHS work 'no good'

16th January 2014

Welsh minister suggests up to a fifth of the NHS's work doesn't really benefit patients.

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Urgent review needed of hospital care standards

26th November 2013

The Royal College of Surgeons call for a review of all Welsh hospitals.

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Measles cases double in two weeks in Wales

11th November 2013

Public Health Wales says cases of measles have doubled in last two weeks in latests Welsh outbreak.

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Welsh law bid for asbestos medical bills

5th December 2012

Decision to be made on new law that could see businesses and insurers foot NHS bills for asbestos victims.

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Welsh government wants Welsh speakers in health care

21st November 2012

Plans to strengthen Welsh language in health care by the Welsh government.

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NHS data breach fine

1st May 2012

A Welsh health board has been fined for breaching the Data Protection Act.

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Cardiff revamp approved

16th January 2012

The Welsh government has approved a £15.8m revamp at Cardiff Royal Infirmary.

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Welsh NHS to replace all PIP implants

11th January 2012

Welsh government says it will pay to replace all privately-fitted PIP breast implants.

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