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Wednesday 24th July 2019

Drinking Articles


Heavy drinking and smoking leads to premature ageing

16th November 2017

Research suggests heavy drinkers and smokers are more likely to show visible signs of ageing and look older than their years.

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Cancer risk from 'light drinking'

19th August 2015

Researchers say even light drinking could increase cancer risk.

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A brisk walk can help prevent heart failure

8th July 2015

Health experts say a brisk walk and cutting down on smoking and drinking can help prevent heart failure.

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Drink-drive limit should be lowered

20th May 2015

Police call for drink-drive limit to be lowered.

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Middle-aged drinking linked to memory loss

30th July 2014

Research suggests middle-aged drinking doubles risk of memory loss later on in life.

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Fewer young people drinking and smoking

25th July 2014

Reports says smoking, drinking and drug use in secondary schools have more than halved over past 10 years.

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Drug may help heavy drinkers

21st February 2014

New research suggests an anti-epilepsy drug could help problem drinkers.

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Fake pub set up

20th February 2014

A 'pub laboratory' has been set up by Southbank University to try and unlock secrets of people's drinking habits.

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Call for crackdown on underage drinking

22nd November 2013

Tougher punishments should be introduced for parents, siblings and friends who buy alcohol for underage children.

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Lifestyle changes straining the NHS

7th October 2013

The Welsh health minister says the NHS should not be there to pick up the pieces if people fall ill because of their lifestyle.

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