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Saturday 20th July 2019

Painkiller Articles


Older adults biggest group battling drug addiction

26th November 2015

Study shows those aged 60 and older are now the largest age group seeking help with painkiller and heroin abuse.

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Parents injuring themselves at school sports days

8th July 2013

Sales of pain relief products increase dramatically as competitive parents try to win at school sports events.

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Painkillers may increase instance of heart problems

30th May 2013

Large doses taken over a long time can increase chance of heart problems.

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Seven million take painkillers regularly

26th February 2013

Survey finds a quarter of British adults have used painkillers "regularly" for the last five years.

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Tramadol needs tighter control

22nd February 2013

UK's official drug advisers say tighter controls needed on painkiller tramadol.

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Drug being 'overprescribed'

14th February 2013

Researchers say diclofenac painkiller being 'overused' despite heart risk.

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Painkillers cause even more headaches

19th September 2012

New NICE guidelines highlight problem of medication overuse headaches in the UK.

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Hospital failed to diagnose broken neck

23rd August 2012

A father was sent home with painkillers after failure by doctors at hospital to spot broken neck.

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Man who tampered with Nurofen Plus is jailed

29th May 2012

Man who contaminated Nurofen Plus painkillers has been jailed for 18 months.

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Painkillers could help protect against skin cancer

29th May 2012

Danish researchers say taking ibuprofen and other similar painkillers could lower risk of skin cancer.

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