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Friday 25th May 2018

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Rapid tests to cut antiobiotic prescriptions

23rd October 2015

A report says rapid diagnostics tests are needed to help doctors know which patients need antibiotics.

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Children need eye tests

22nd October 2007

Report says many young children do not have eye tests which leads to eye problems going undiagnosed.

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'Flawed' eye tests exposed

30th August 2007

A survey suggests people may be coming away from eye tests with inaccurate prescriptions.

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Blood test to predict diabetes

15th August 2007

Researchers identify molecules that may one day be used in blood tests to predict diabetes.

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Genetic test study in young adults

4th May 2007

Study launched to investigate interest levels of healthy, young adults in receiving genetic tests.

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Couples to have compulsory HIV tests

19th December 2006

India's Andhra Pradesh state government says new law will make HIV tests compulsory before marriage.

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Animal studies unreliable

15th December 2006

A study warns that not all drug tests on animals are reliable.

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IVF tests for older women

17th November 2006

Tests have been developed by doctors to predict successful fertility treatment for women over 40.

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