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Friday 25th May 2018

Smoke Articles


US to ban e-cigarettes for under-18s

6th May 2016

The Food and Drug Administration will also require manufacturers to submit products to the agency to be reviewed.

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Smoke-free zones trialled in Bristol

2nd February 2015

Voluntary pilot launched in two city squares in Bristol.

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Older adults with COPD still smoke

8th January 2015

Research has found close to half of US adults over 40 with asthma or COPD still continue to smoke.

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Smoke ban in cars from October

18th December 2014

New laws will see a smoke ban in cars carrying children in England.

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Third-hand smoke dangers

18th July 2014

Researchers have demonstrated for the first time the dangers of third-hand smoke.

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Ban on car smoking will be voted in

11th February 2014

A Downing Street source has said it will be a criminal offence to smoke with children in the car.

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Premature births down after smoke ban

7th March 2012

Researchers say since Scotland introduced a smoke ban there has been a 10% drop in the country's premature birth rate.

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Health crisis for Britain's middle-aged

5th September 2011

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Is smokeless tobacco a safe alternative?

29th July 2011

According to a US study it isn't.

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Risk of passive smoking high in flats

13th December 2010

US study says children have 45% more exposure because smoke seeps through walls and ventilation.

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