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Friday 20th April 2018

Milk Articles


Research into milk intolerance

15th November 2017

Researchers find that for many people it is not lactose causing the problem, but A1 protein.

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Organic milk can put unborn babies at risk

28th April 2015

Experts claim pregnant women could be putting their unborn babies at risk by choosing organic milk.

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Full-fat dairy products cuts risk of diabetes

16th September 2014

Study finds eight portions of full-fat dairy could cut risk of diabetes by 25%.

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Gut flora 'had role' in China's milk scandal

19th February 2013

Researchers say that certain types of gut bacteria may have made the reaction to melamine-tainted infant formula milk far worse.

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Two cups of milk a day best for children

18th December 2012

Too much milk can affect the body's ability to store iron, Canadian researchers find.

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Free nursery milk will stay

19th June 2012

Nursery milk, free to children under five, will stay, but costs will be cut.

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Contaminated milk investigated

13th September 2011

Milk 'spiked' with bleach at Stockport's Stepping Hill Hospital.

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Milk better than water at quenching thirst

19th August 2011

Scientists claim children should have a glass of milk to quench their thirst and not water.

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Tainted milk kills 3 children in China

8th April 2011

Nitrite-tainted milk has killed three children and made 35 people ill in Gansu province.

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Organic milk better for you

18th January 2011

A study has found that organic milk has lower levels of saturated fats.

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