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Sunday 21st April 2019

Hearing Articles


Millions don't realise they need a hearing aid

17th December 2015

The annual health survey for England suggests around two million people don't realise they have problems.

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Hearing loss forecast to rise 40%

4th November 2015

Charity warns one in five will suffer hearing loss problems by 2035.

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Listen to music for one hour day

27th February 2015

WHO suggests people should listen to music for no more than one hour a day.

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Youngest ever cochlear implant in the UK

8th April 2014

A baby has become the youngest in the UK to have cochlear implants.

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See your doctor before buying hearing aid

21st November 2013

The FDA have advised people to seek advice from their doctor before buying a hearing aid if they feel their hearing is failing.

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Hearing loss can be improved or prevented

28th February 2013

According to new global estimates millions have hearing loss that can be improved or prevented.

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Red wine could prevent hearing loss

22nd February 2013

Scientists say not only is red said to protect against heart disease and dementia it can also protect against hearing loss.

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Hearing loss linked to mental decline

25th January 2013

New study finds hearing loss and mental decline are related.

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Hearing problem symptoms

7th June 2012

Cleveland Clinic gives possible warning signs on hearing loss.

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Hearing loss linked to sleep apnoea

24th January 2012

Research shows a strong statistical link between patients with sleep apnoea and sudden, temporary hearing loss.

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