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Friday 23rd August 2019

Infection Articles


Floodwaters in Texas pose unique health risks

29th August 2017

US public officials say flooding from Hurricane Harvey increases health risks from skin rashes to bacterial and viral infections.

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Colour-changing dressing to detect infection

16th November 2015

Scientists at Bath University say a dressing that changes colour when it detects infection could cut unnecessary use of antibiotics.

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Patients infected in endoscopy unit

8th October 2015

'Unsafe' endoscopy unit has resulted in 11 patients acquiring infections.

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What's the difference between a cold and a sinus infection?

27th July 2015

The difference between the common cold and an infected sinus.

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History of infection unravelled

4th June 2015

US researchers claim to have developed a single test using a drop of blood.

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Ebola could infect 20,000 people per month

23rd September 2014

Current trends suggest Ebola infections will become an average monthly infection rate.

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Infection risk from birthing pool

18th June 2014

Warning against using certain home birthing pools after legionella bacteria found.

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Washing chicken increases risk of food poisoning

16th June 2014

A survey by the Food Standards agency found 44% washed chicken before cooking.

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Antibiotic approved for skin infections

29th May 2014

The FDA has approved an antibiotic to treat MRSA and other deadly skin infections.

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Increase in malaria infections

29th April 2014

New figures show a rise of 9% in imported malaria infections since last year.

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