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Friday 25th May 2018

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Researchers track ailments on Twitter

12th July 2011

US researchers studied 1.5 million health-related tweets.

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China bans gender test website

16th November 2010

The authorities have closed down a website selling test kits amid fears over the sex ratio of newborns.

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Wandering minds make us miserable

12th November 2010

Scientists have found daydreaming takes up nearly half of our waking hours.

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Patient confidentiality breached by 'tweeting'

24th September 2009

A leading journal has revealed tweeting medics are breaching patient confidentiality.

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Lots of love for the NHS

13th August 2009

Users of Twitter have shown their support for the health service with a "We Love The NHS" campaign.

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Online contraception checker launched by NHS Direct

17th February 2009

NHS Direct's new contraceptive checker site to deal with patient enquiries.

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Fake computer tan tricked thousands

9th February 2009

A website offering the chance to get a tan from computer screens is a hoax.

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Google catches flu

17th November 2008

When the next flu outbreak begins, the first alert may come from Google searches.

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Google Earth used to fight dengue

10th October 2008

Researchers have used Google Earth to create a simple mapping tool to help fight dengue fever.

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Warning over electronic cigarettes

22nd September 2008

WHO says the nicotine-puffer devices have not been tested and may not be safe.

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