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Monday 28th May 2018

Carers Articles


Carers having to take love ones to A&E

3rd October 2016

A report has found one in five unpaid carers have to take loved ones to A&E because a district nurse or GP was not available.

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Research finds carers in their 80s has rocketed

18th May 2016

According to Age UK, the number of people in the 80s who are relied on as carers has rocketed in the last seven years.

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Dire outlook for elderly

17th November 2015

Report warns carer shortage set to top 1m.

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At least 30 minutes needed for carer visits

23rd September 2015

New guidance says carers should spend at least 30 minutes with older people in England.

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Carers feel they lack support they need

17th September 2015

More than 40% or carers feel they need more encouragement and support.

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Older carers in England is rising

30th April 2015

Figures show the pressures on older carers in England is damaging their health.

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Carers must speak English

7th May 2014

Care agencies should ensure they recruit people who can speak English before placing them in vulnerable people's homes.

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Domestic helper needed to relieve stress on carers

28th April 2014

A new study from China finds domestic helpers can relieve stress on elderly spouses taking care of their husband or wife.

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Long-term carers need more support

28th February 2014

More emotional and practical support needs to be provided for long-term carers.

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Report published for supporting working carers

28th August 2013

Report explains how more can be done to support people who are combining caring for a family member and working.

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