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Tuesday 22nd May 2018

Sex Articles


Ebola survivors warned to be cautious

15th April 2015

WHO have warned Ebola survivors to practice safe sex so as not to pass on virus to their partners.

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Teen risk-taking linked to movie sex

24th July 2012

Children who are exposed to movie sex scenes early in life are more likely to engage in risky sexual behaviour in their teens, a study finds.

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Elderly denied sex life in care homes

26th June 2012

Australian researchers say the right of elderly care-home residents to sexual relationships is being needlessly denied by staff.

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Sex infections in over-45s doubles

3rd February 2012

Sex infections among over-45s soaring as more older people have unprotected sex.

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'Sex is safe,' heart patients told

24th January 2012

Researchers in the US are offering heart patients counselling to help them to resume their sex lives safely.

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One in four women have underage sex

16th December 2011

NHS figures reveal more than a quarter of women today had underage sex.

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Rise in unprotected sex in Britain

27th September 2011

Number of young people having sex without contraception has risen 19% since 2009.

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Church and state in Philippines clash over sex and condoms

19th May 2011

A 13-year battle between church and state in the Philippines has come to a head.

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Serotonin linked to sexual preference

29th March 2011

Scientists in China say they have found a sexual preference chemical in mice.

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UK news 12/11/10

12th November 2010

A round up of UK health news over past week.

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