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Wednesday 17th July 2019

Immune System Articles


Pioneering cancer drug approved in the UK

2nd July 2015

Pioneering cancer drug harnesses the power of the immune system.

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Chronic fatigue linked to immune system changes

27th February 2015

Researchers report finds chronic fatigue syndrome is linked to changes in a person's immune system.

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Daily glass of wine beneficial to health

18th December 2013

Scientists have found a daily glass of wine could give a boost to the immune system.

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Immune system boost from red wine and blueberries

18th September 2013

A new study suggests red wine and blueberries could protect the body against illness.

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Viral infections may cause asthma

11th September 2012

US researchers say 'crippling' viral infections in newborns seem to increase the risk of asthma.

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Truth-telling linked to better health

6th August 2012

A French study finds a link between truth-telling and a reduction in mental and physical health problems.

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Dogs boost babies' immunity

10th July 2012

Babies who have limited contact with dogs suffer fewer health problems in the first year of life.

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Lack of sleep affects immune response

2nd July 2012

European researchers say the immune system goes into overdrive if people are severely sleep-deprived.

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Teenager injected with own stem cells

29th February 2012

Children have successfully been treated with their own stem cells in groundbreaking immune treatment.

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Immune system 'altered' by body clock

17th February 2012

Researchers in the US believe the time of day is a factor in the risk of getting an infection.

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