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Sunday 15th September 2019

Disease Articles


Action needed to save lives in Somalia

12th May 2017

Ongoing drought in Somalia has plunged country further towards famine, warn the World Health Organisation.

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Watch out for insect bites

7th July 2015

An expert has warned people who spend lots of time outside need to be careful about disease-carrying insects this summer.

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Serious risk of disease after Nepal earthquake

5th May 2015

Aid agencies warn of risk of serious outbreaks of disease in the aftermath of Nepal earthquake.

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More screening for newborn babies

5th January 2015

Newborn babies to be screened for more debilitating genetic diseases across England.

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Syria disease threat warns WHO

5th June 2013

WHO warns of increased risk of disease epidemics in Syria as summer approaches.

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How to recognise early signs of chronic kidney disease

7th December 2012

Chronic kidney disease affects between 6% and 7% of the population.

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Guide to flossing teeth

7th November 2012

Dentists say flossing is even more important than brushing your teeth when it come to preventing gum disease.

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Snake venom could be source for new drugs

19th September 2012

Researchers say venomous reptiles may be a good source for new drugs for human diseases.

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Infection danger posed by cats

5th September 2012

Figures show around 350,000 people a year become infected with toxoplasmosis.

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Pilot scheme to test babies for more inherited diseases

10th April 2012

From July, NHS to screen half of UK-born babies for five more rare disorders.

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