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Friday 25th May 2018

Damage Articles


Eyesight myths - fact or fiction

13th July 2010

True or false - old wives' tales about eyes.

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Heart damage helps organ cope

1st October 2007

Researchers say damage caused by heart disease may help it cope better with the dangers of surgery.

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New therapy to slow liver damage

26th September 2007

Scientists develop new way to treat liver failure.

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Crystal meth link to brain damage

16th August 2007

Youngsters using crystal meth risk long-term damage to brain similar to that caused by Parkinson's.

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Migraine linked to brain damage

30th April 2007

Migraine sufferers may also have some brain damage as brain cells swell and are starved of oxygen.

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Hospital to pay damages

21st November 2006

Compensation paid 35 years after baby suffered brain damage in hospital.

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