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Monday 28th May 2018

Illness Articles


GPs could be missing serious illness in patients

13th May 2014

A small poll suggests excess workload could mean GPs miss serious illness in a patient.

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Doctors must take parents concerns seriously

23rd November 2012

Draft guidelines say doctors should take parents concerns about their children seriously.

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Women misdiagnosing illnesses from internet

13th August 2012

A quarter of women are worrying themselves unnecessarily by searching internet for symptoms.

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Don't put off going to the doctor

10th November 2011

Lives are being lost as a third of Britons delay see a GP.

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Adult ill health caused by childhood stress

16th August 2010

A study suggests that children who suffer from stress, will have long-term ill health and early death.

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NHS staff illness 1.5 times higher than private sector

19th August 2009

A national audit of NHS staff has found that thousands of workers call in sick every day.

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Staff 'mental illness' on rise

4th June 2007

A recent report suggests mental illness is now the second largest reason for people taking time off.

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Payment to take mental illness drugs

3rd January 2007

London doctors say paying people to take their medication could encourage more to stick to regime.

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Illnesses linked to broken homes

21st November 2006

Researchers say their findings suggest that psychotic illnesses are not simply brain diseases.

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