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Saturday 20th July 2019

Thailand Articles


Curry spice helps pre-diabetes

31st July 2012

Researchers in Thailand say taking curcumin supplements helps prevent pre-diabetes from developing diabetes.

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Turmeric lessens risk of heart attack

16th April 2012

An extract of the traditional Indian spice reduces the number of post-operation heart attacks in bypass patients, a Thai study finds.

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Thailand develops dengue vaccine

1st March 2011

Researchers in Thailand are developing a vaccine against dengue fever.

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Thailand's licensing policy wavers

25th March 2008

Doctors petition to get the new health minister removed by parliament.

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Thailand get cheaper AIDS drugs

25th April 2007

Drugs company offers to sell latest antiretroviral drug in Thailand at a reduced price.

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Thailand's healthcare revolution

20th March 2007

The country is on track to meet the 4th millennium development goal on child mortality.

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MSF hails Thai AIDS drug move

6th December 2006

The government has licensed the import of generic efavirenz from India.

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AIDS on the rise in Asia

22nd November 2006

Not enough people are getting treatment, a new UN report says.

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