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Saturday 26th May 2018

Hepatitis B Articles


Babies to receive routine hepatitis B vaccine

1st August 2017

All babies to receive an anti-hepatitis B injection along with other routine vaccinations.

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Biggest recall of patients in NHS history

13th November 2014

Police probe amid fears up to 22,000 patients of dentist could have been put at risk of HIV and hepatitis B and C.

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Cash incentives for drug misusers

9th April 2014

Research suggests small cash incentives boost vaccination uptake for drug misusers to complete recommended courses.

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Hepatitis B screening proposed

13th February 2014

Draft recommendation from the US Preventive Services Task Force says high risk adults should be screened for hepatitis B.

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Child deaths in China not linked to hepatitis B vaccine

3rd January 2014

Chinese health authorities say they have found no link between the hepatitus B vaccine and the deaths of nine children.

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Cheap, paper-based test for liver damage

20th November 2012

The test will show doctors whether a patient's liver has been damaged, and help them to adjust treatment and medications.

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Baby boomers at risk as hep C deaths rise

21st February 2012

Hepatitis C now kills more Americans than HIV, and its victims are mostly middle-aged.

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Hepatitis B found in hospital

19th September 2011

Hepatitis B found at Ninewells Hospital in Dundee.

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Global action needed to tackle hepatitis

28th July 2011

Millions of drug users have hepatitis according to worldwide estimates.

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Hepatitis B risk for heart patients

22nd July 2011

More than 150 patients who had heart surgery in Morriston Hospital between 11 March and 17 April may have been exposed to hepatitis B.

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