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Friday 20th April 2018

Patient Articles


Patient fears after details leaked

3rd September 2015

Patient details accidentally leaked by health clinic in London.

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Eight in ten trust doctor

29th May 2015

A survey finds eight in ten patients trust and have confidence in doctors and nurses.

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Medics urged to stop 'over-treating'

13th May 2015

Campaign launched to stop doctors from 'over-treating' patients because they feel under pressure to act.

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It's not what you say

24th November 2014

An observational study by Lavelle et al examined non-verbal behaviours of psychiatrists and their patients.

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Patient surgery app created by Imperial

11th July 2014

Mobile app created to help patients prepare for surgery.

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New patient monitor hailed as a 'game changer'

3rd March 2014

A new British-made disposable patient monitoring system was released today by Sensium, could prevent thousands of unnecessary deaths.

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GPs spend more time on admin than patients

25th September 2013

A survey suggests doctors spend more than twice as much time on paperwork as they do on patients.

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£42m wasted on missed hospital appointments

3rd April 2013

Last year the eastern region's 24 hospital and foundation trusts saw 418,000 out of five million appointments missed by patients.

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Patients' wishes 'ignored'

9th November 2012

A study suggests doctors fail to listen to patients' views on their treatment.

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Health tourists cost NHS millions

4th October 2012

A BBC investigation has found overseas 'health patients' costing the NHS at least £40m.

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