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Saturday 26th May 2018

Counterfeit Articles


Warning on fake beauty products

18th May 2015

Police issue a warning on fake beauty products bought online.

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Counterfeit condom warning

7th January 2013

Rising number of counterfeit condoms are being smuggled into the UK.

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Counterfeit and unlicensed medicines seized

8th October 2012

More than £6.5m seized in counterfeit and unlicensed medicines across the globe.

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Fake drugs hamper fight against malaria

22nd May 2012

Fake malaria medications are threatening progress of the past decade with no international framework to regulate them.

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Counterfeit alcohol warning

18th April 2012

Minimum alcohol pricing could cause a surge in counterfeit wine and spirits.

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Technology targets counterfeit drugs

13th October 2011

Technology used to flush out counterfeit drugs in India.

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Fake cigarettes campaign

18th April 2008

West Midlands and Staffordshire launch a campaign to warn smokers on buying counterfeit cigarettes.

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Fake condoms found

27th November 2007

People advised to check condom packets after counterfeit packs found in nine areas of London.

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Counterfeit toothpaste toxins found

12th July 2007

Warning on fake Sensodyne toothpaste being sold at car boot sales and markets but not in shops.

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Warning on fake cancer drugs

5th June 2007

Thousands warned to take extra care with the drug Casodex after a counterfeit batch was found.

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