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Monday 23rd September 2019

Protein Articles


Cot death babies could lack vital protein

7th September 2012

New research suggests cot death babies may lack vital protein that helps them breathe.

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Biological clue to male baldness found

22nd March 2012

US scientists have pinpointed a protein that triggers hair loss.

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Blood protein clue to heart disease

12th March 2012

Scientists find protein in blood could be harnessed to help protect against heart disease.

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Have an egg for breakfast

17th November 2011

Scientists have found egg proteins help us stay awake.

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Eggs help reduce heart disease risk

8th July 2011

Eggs are full of protein, lipids, vitamins and minerals.

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Human eye could act as 'compass'

22nd June 2011

A study finds a light-sensitive protein in the human eye acts as a 'compass.

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Ageing linked to rare disease protein

14th June 2011

Government researchers say protein linked to rare disease plays a role in ageing.

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Single protein may trigger autism

22nd March 2011

A single protein found in brain cells may be the key to autism, say scientists.

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Researchers recommend insect meat

25th January 2011

Beef and other meat from large grazing animals could become unsustainable, with insects offering healthy alternatives.

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Crucial proteins discovered

20th December 2010

Hundreds of proteins crucial to brain health have been identified.

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